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About Nicki Geigert Photographer Author

Welcome to Nicki Geigert Photography and Wall Art, where the world's wonders come to life through a lens steeped in decades of global exploration. My extensive collection boasts a diverse range of photographic prints, capturing the essence of wildlife, natural landscapes, seascapes, as well as captivating people and places. As a seasoned traveler and photographer my mission is to document the wonder and beauty of our world and in doing so I've meticulously curated over a hundred thousand images, each telling a unique story of our planet's beauty.

What sets me apart is not just the breadth of my collection, but my commitment to personalized service. My website, www.nickigeigert.com, offers a glimpse into the extraordinary range of images available. However, my dedication goes beyond the digital display. I pride myself on the ability to unearth specific or custom images, tailoring my offerings to match the distinct vision of hospitality interior designers. If you don't find exactly what you're seeking on the website, rest assured – I'm here to go the extra mile, ensuring your design projects are produced with the perfect visual elements and perfect substrate for your needs.

With Nicki Geigert Photography and Wall Art, You can transform your spaces into captivating narratives of global beauty and cultural richness.

Products by Nicki Geigert Photographer Author

By Nicki Geigert Photographer Author

Breaking Waves At Sunset 3-pc Triptych. Waves breaking on the beach in the San Diego, CA area.

I was looking for a softer and warmer feeling instead of the usual vivid blue water and blue sky images one typically sees with waves and beaches images. I found just the right time of day with just the right haze in the air to capture this warm and relaxing waves as the sun was beginning to set... Read more »

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By Nicki Geigert Photographer Author

Abstract Art or Mother Nature? Lower Antelope Canyon with its amazing colors and patterns.

This can almost be thought of as abstract art. While many have taken photographs, it is still a marvel. Color, texture, line, and pattern are fundamentals in any composition. When a project's requirements are for more abstract art we can often find the perfect image in nature because these... Read more »

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By Nicki Geigert Photographer Author

Art for home, office or public space, I have a huge variety of images taken around the world over de

This image was shot specifically for a hotel project of 28 rooms for a hotel in the Old Town, San Diego. The client was looking for a tropical theme for a wing of his hotel but that featured plants that would be commonly seen in the area— a tall order considering San Diego is considered a... Read more »

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