Hospitality Design 5_24_2018
Product Spotlight
  • Available from Elite Textiles & Fabrication, Inc.

    Our Custom made drapes are perfect for all areas of hospitality (hotels and B & B), multi-family housing, model homes, government accommodations, or healthcare. -Ripple-Fold Different spacing between ripples creates a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look. Combine with your choice of... Read More
  • Available from OutDesign Group

    Dine outside with our Havana collection. Read More
  • Available from Summer Classics Contract

    Mix items from the Club collection with our other collections, such as Croquet Aluminum and Rustic, to create the perfect outdoor space. Read More
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  • Life's Best Moments. Furnished. Read More
  • We make a practice to say yes. Read More
  • OutDesign Group's goal is to make your outdoor space comfortable, functional and stylish. We offer everything from lounge seating, poolside seating, dining tables and seating, umbrellas, planters and much more. If you're looking for casual sling furniture, we've got you covered. If you're... Read More
  • Design is our passion, hospitality our core. Read More