White Papers for Hospitality Interior Design

  • Elemental LED inc.- Diode LED Catalog

    We are America's largest provider of low-voltage linear lighting solutions. Diode LED products are preferred by lighting designers, architects, product specifiers, electricians, and general contractors and are carried by over 3,000 lighting showrooms and electrical distributors throughout the...
  • How to plan and design a resort

    As one of the most popular vacation destinations, resorts are places where people can experience endless recreation opportunities, incredible dining experiences, and additional amenities that many hotels do not have. While often seen as luxury lodging establishments, resorts are located in...
  • See you at KBIS 2024!

    We are looking forward to KBIS 2024! Please stop by Booth N1362 and see our beautiful wine storage for yourself!
  • The Origin of the Phrase “Don’t Touch That Dial”

    the remote control for TV became more common and dials faded into the past, “Don’t touch that dial” evolved into “Don’t touch that remote.” That’s because many years ago, there was no such thing as a universal remote—or any remote control, for that matter. The only controls available were...
  • Hotel Lucent Art

    Angela Cameron provided all the artwork for this hotel property. Modern abstract art fit perfectly with the edgy theme of this hotel, catering to younger tech savvy guests. Artwork was printed on a variety of surfaces, metal, acrylic and canvas.
  • Spellman Brady & Company Brochure

    Spellman Brady & Company is a nationally recognized interior planning and design firm specializing in healthcare, higher education, multi-family, and senior living. As a Certified WBE Small Business, our interdisciplinary team has delivered comprehensive interior design, furniture planning,...
  • Invisible Waste

    This toolkit will arm hospitality businesses with tools and tips from leading sustainability experts on the simple, energy-efficient steps you can take to contribute to real change.
  • Enhancing Security Measures for Your New Hotel

    As a hotel owner, ensuring the safety and security of your guests is of utmost importance. Beyond providing a comfortable stay and a range of amenities, it is crucial to establish an environment where guests feel protected and confident about the security of their belongings. Incorporating...
  • MicroFridge by Danby Hospitality Product Guide

    Your guests will feel right at home with Danby® and MicroFridge® in-room refrigerators and microwaves. We also offer air purifiers, dehumidifiers, wine and beverage coolers, and full-size appliances for extended-stay suites.
  • Case Study: Innovative Church Uses Ceiling Panels to Create a Wall of Light

    The stage design team at Blue Ridge Community Church created a versatile luminous wall using translucent ceiling panels that were illuminated from the rear. The top of each section was tapered to suggest the shape of cathedral arches. The wall, in the main sanctuary, was 18 feet tall at the...
  • Creating Instagrammable Moments with Mobile Mixology

    Today’s Social Media is a powerful communication tool that seeks unique and compelling content. Now with Mobile Mixology hoteliers can create Instagrammable moments their guests are sure to share. The word will get out, and others will want to see for themselves.
  • Joining the Global Shift towards Sustainability

    You can create optimal spaces for healing without compromising the greater good for our planet - you don't have to choose one goal at the expense of the other. Partner with Furniture Concepts to achieve eco-friendly solutions that can enhance your healing space and help take care of the...
  • MAXXIMUS Extension Dining Table

    MAMAGREEN’s expandable table collection just got extended with the longest table to date: the MAXXIMUS. Designed to be the perfect table for entertaining family and friends; MAXXIMUS comes in two different sizes. Our largest table extends in 3 stages up to an amazing 166” (425 cm) while...
  • StoreEdits 2019 Report

    Skin Care, Make-Up & Cosmetics
  • MirroFlex anti-viral disinfectant test results

    A decorative laminate from ATI was tested for compatibility with Oxivir 1, Oxivir Five 16, Oxivir TB, Avert, Virex Plus, and Virex TB. Wipe testing was performed on with Oxivir 1, Oxivir TB, and Avert while soak tests were performed on solutions of Oxivir Five 16, Virex Plus, and Virex TB....
  • Advantages of Using Modular Acoustic in Corporate Environments

    Learn more about the benefits of using 5mm modular acoustic flooring in corporate applications.
  • Recommended Base by Table Top Size Guide

    Know which style, what size and what model will fit your table tops in this handy document from JI Bases. You want a solid foundation in your establishment. JI Bases has 60 years of experience building that foundation for all your tops.

    One of the year’s most exciting reveals was Thirty-One on 30A, a remarkable beachside residence in pretty-as-a-postcard Seagrove, Florida. Rena Anderson, an interior designer at Barbara J Gordon Designs, takes us behind the design of this desirable coastal destination.
  • National Hospital Group Installation

    In late October of 2018, a well-known, National Hospital Group approached us with a request to create a 36 foot Board Table and incorporate commercial construction criteria into it. By early December of 2019, we had we collaborated with their Board, the designer and the AV people to fine-tune...
  • LED Lights the Way for Design

    Is the light too bright? Do you feel its heat? Are the light fixtures so large they defeat the overall design of the space? Not likely if LED lights are installed in place of traditional light sources. LED, the latest technology in energy efficient lighting stands for Light Emitting Diode – a...
  • Let Containers take a Starring Role in Your Garden

    It’s easy for containers, even great ones, to get lost in the crowd at ground level. So, how do you set the stage for a winning container garden? Here are some tips for the experts making your containers a feature in your garden design.