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Partitions & Room Dividers (101 companies found)

The vendors in this building products category provide various types of partitions & room dividers for spaces as diverse as hotels and resorts, restuarants, cruise ships, country clubs, night clubs and lounges, spas, senior living facilities and more. Some of the products in this category include operable partition systems like moveable glass wall systems and accordion door systems, as well as: ball chain curtains, metal and glass sliding doors, Japanese-style Shoji partitions and room dividers, clear acrylic and polycarbonate panels, stretch fabric panels and more. Click on the links to visit these vendors' websites to learn more about the different partition & room divider solutions they offer, or to contact them by phone or email.

  • Hotels Made Easy

    Make a great deal!
    We consolidate furniture, equipment, millwork, graphics, and more! With over 40 years of professional design, management, and installation services, we make opening a hotel, well... easy! We realize there's a shortage of skilled managers in the market. That's why we staffed our project...
  • Aristech Surfaces LLC

    Aristech Surfaces LLC produces and markets a broad range of surface and design materials under its flagship brands, Aristech Acrylics® acrylic sheet, Avonite Surfaces® solid surface and the STUDIO Collection® design resin. Aristech provides quality, cost-conscious, and high-end aesthetic...
  • Colour & Design Inc.

  • Draper

    Draper, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of projection screens, window shades, projector and camera lifts, and gymnasium equipment, including EZ Fold basketball backstops.
  • HUFCOR, Inc.

    Vertical Lift Wall-Summit: Summit® vertical lift walls take flexible space in a completely different direction—up. Unlike traditional operable panels that move horizontally through a large, exposed cavity in the ceiling, Hufcor’s patented vertical lift system moves acoustic operable panels through a narrow slot in the...
  • Parasoleil

    Mako©: As nature has perfected hydrodynamics, engineers work hard to discover further advances. Stingray shagreen and the tooth-like scales of the Mako shark skin are what give these species their grace and agility. The repeated and fractal patterns in water ripples is just one example of nature's gems...
  • MDC Interior Solutions

    Acrylic / Polycarbonate Panels: Clear acrylic and polycarbonate panels from MDC can be used in a variety of applications such as partitions & room dividers, backlit light boxes, art panels and window inserts. MDC's polycarbonate panels provide added hardness and scratch resistance at a slightly higher cost. Both products are...
  • Woodfold Manufacturing Co., Inc

    Woodfold, an employee owned company, manufactures a full line of custom wood products including accordion doors and room dividers, hardwood roll up doors, bookcase doors, and custom hardwood products such as breadboards and tambour. Also distribute custom aluminum exterior shutters, doors and...
  • Stylmark, Inc.

    Stylmark creates comprehensive and distinctive lifestyle environments, offering a signage product line that includes a broad range of backlit displays & light boxes, aisle markers/directories and wayfinding, poster frames, edgelit displays, frameless fabric displays and more.
  • Duo-Gard Industries Inc

    Duo-Gard designs, engineers and fabricates a wide range of bus and transit shelters, bicycle shelters, smoking shelters, canopies and walkways. Custom and standard designs are available.