Hospitality Design 5_24_2018
Products by Parasoleil
  • Natural

    Progressive patterns change visually in structure and/or openness. Strong progressive patterns change over a short distance, like within one 4’ by 8’ panel (as seen in the example of Apiary here). Symphonic progressive patterns change over a long distance, such as across 10 panels used as... Read More
  • Transitional

    A custom railing above the garage of an auto enthusiast. A custom pattern inspired by the Starbucks Siren's lovely locks. The pre-tested standard patterns that Parasoleil offers are the largest range of patterns across the pattern map, approved by the American Institute of Architects. They are... Read More
  • Cultural

    Pattern mapping is an exercise in establishing a baseline vernacular for architects, designers, artists, and building owners to discuss and compare patterns objectively in terms of how they will perform in a space. Created by our founder and artist Uriah Bueller, the map evaluates a pattern on... Read More