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About Daniel Fine Art Services

Daniel Fine Art Services is a full service art consultancy and the premier resource for architects and interior designers seeking impactful artwork. At the core of what we do is our belief that art is more than just visual, that it is also visceral and has the power to affect immediately in addition to the power to have a lasting effect. To that end, we collaborate with clients, from concept to installation, in selecting works of art that enhance a specific theme or advance a narrative for any given space.

Products by Daniel Fine Art Services

By Daniel Fine Art Services

Luxury Suites

Luxury suites represent the brand identity of an entire property on an intimate scale. At DFAS, we work as an arm of the interior design team in fine tuning that identity in each suite, setting a vibe or telling a story through art and accessories based on context, be it historical, geographical... Read more »

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By Daniel Fine Art Services

Accessories and Sculpture

Sculptures and accessories are finishing touches for any suite, room, spa, restaurant or public area. While they can be small or large, their effects on design and aesthetics should never be minimal. Our Accessory Stylist selects pieces that complement the design and enhance the story of every... Read more »

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By Daniel Fine Art Services


Imagination and realization are oftentimes disparate elements. At DFAS, we’ll never accept that premise. With over 37 years of experience in making things happen, from the foundry to the lathe to the artist and craftsman, if you have an idea, we will bring it to fruition. Read more »

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