Hospitality Design 5_24_2018

Companies in the Hospitality Design Online Buyer's Guide

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  • i.2 - Independence2, LLC

  • I.M. David Furniture Co.

  • IAP/International Art Properties Inc

  • ICO Design Group

  • Icon Furniture

  • Icon Sculpting

  • Idaho Wood Lighting

  • Ideal Electric MFG

  • IdeaPaint

  • Identity Group

  • IDS Group

  • Iglo LLC 

  • ILevel Art Placement & Installation

  • ILEX Architectural Lighting

  • Illumination Lighting

  • Illumisoft Lighting

  • ILP Holdings

  • Image Conscious

  • Image Consulting Services, Inc.

  • IMAGE-IN concepts inc

  • Images 2000, Inc.

  • ImagiLux • Imagination International, Inc.

  • Imagine Tile, Inc.

  • Imaging Expressions

  • IMC Inc.


  • Impact Incorporated

  • Import Tile Center


  • Incon Lighting

    Rating: 5 - 1 review
  • Independence LED Lighting, LLC

  • indiB

  • Indiewalls | Design With Art

  • Indigenus

  • Indika Home Llc

  • Indo Puri

  • Indon International

  • Indoteak Design

  • Indow Window Inserts

  • Indusparquet

  • Industry West

  • INDX Designs

  • Infanti Brand Seating

  • Infeel USA

  • Infinity Canopy

  • Infinity Drain

  • Infinity Hospitality Sourcing

    Infinity Hospitality Sourcing is your on-budget and on-time custom lighting manufacturer and offers no minimum of order quantities. We have over 45 thousand standard lighting products for your hospitality projects. From table lamps, bed lamps, floor lamps, pendant lighting, recessed lighting,... Read More
  • Infinity Woven Products, LLC

  • InflightDirect

  • Infratech

    Infratech has been a pioneer and leader in infrared technology for more than 50 years. We offer a wide range of products for comfort heat, automotive curing and industrial/commercial heat applications. Infratech uses the latest in manufacturing technologies to offer you the most efficient... Read More