Opus Art Projects

East End Toronto - Beaches
Toronto, ON M4L 3S5

About Opus Art Projects

Opus Art Projects Inc. is a global art consultancy in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in curating artwork for international bespoke hospitality, residential and commercial design projects. OAP thoughtfully tailors exceptional fine art collections to discerning clients, both locally and internationally.

OAP is a collaboration between Laura Wood and Dawn Tyrrell; Art consultants / creatives who are wholeheartedly passionate about art.

Laura and Dawn have led and contributed to numerous high-profile projects, such as: St. Regis Museum Hotel San Francisco; Four Seasons Hotels in Toronto, NY, Boston, Dubai, Kuwait and Orlando; Cafe Boulud, in Four Seasons Toronto; W Hotels in Taipei and Guangzhou; St. Regis Hotel Resort Bal Harbour; Waldorf Astoria Hotel Beijing and Printemps Department Store Paris.

Both Laura and Dawn choose meaning as the focus of their practice. They believe great art collections are curated with content, engaging viewers with connection and beauty.

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