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About Firm Ground Architects & Designers

Firm Ground Architects & Engineers, Inc., is comprised of an experienced group of architectural and engineering professionals committed to creating senior housing environments for our clients and their communities. Our goal for every project is to provide an expertly branded environment with a person-centric senior housing model that support a life lived with dignity, grace and fun. We have the ability to provide total project development, from development through design.

We closely collaborate in all areas of architectural and technical disciplines in order to establish a comprehensive consistency throughout the project. From master plan to completion, we make sure the project scope, programming and aesthetics are in sync with the programmatic needs and cultural sensitivities of our clients. This integrated approach enhances the potential for imaginative and successful solutions to every project.

We have over 25 years of Senior Housing experience and our mission is to create livable and sustainable communities people are proud to call home.

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By Firm Ground Architects & Designers

Firm Ground Architects & Designers is dedicated to enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and overall quality of senior living facilities through our specialized Property Improvement Plans (PIPS) services. Recognizing the evolving needs of senior residents and the dynamic nature of the senior... Read more »

By Firm Ground Architects & Designers

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By Firm Ground Architects & Designers

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