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Products by Jacobs International/JI Bases
  • Cast Iron 4-Prong Series

    The most popular table bases in the restaurant industry. 4-Prong bases provide stability and feature 4 points of contact to provide reliable performance and carefree maintenance. The 4-Prong design allows patrons to straddle or sit on either side of the base as opposed to putting their feet on... Read More
  • Cast Iron Round Series

    The Round Table Base line features stylish, domed bases utilizing 5 points of contact. The base itself is made with a domed bottom, using more cast iron material in a smaller footprint. The domed shape gives the base the additional weight needed to support various sized table tops. The... Read More
  • Cast Iron - 3-pronged Series

    As with all JI Bases the “B” Series has cast iron top plates that will not bend or flex. The “B” Series 6″ wide prongs offer a heavier base plate in a smaller footprint. Simply because of the laws of physics, the “B” Series (3-prong) base will not wobble on an uneven surface because of it’s... Read More
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