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  • Cast Iron 4-Prong Series

    The most popular table bases in the restaurant industry. 4-Prong bases provide stability and feature 4 points of contact to provide reliable performance and carefree maintenance. The 4-Prong design allows patrons to straddle or sit on either side of the base as opposed to putting their feet on... Read More
  • Cast Iron Round Series

    The Round Table Base line features stylish, domed bases utilizing 5 points of contact. The base itself is made with a domed bottom, using more cast iron material in a smaller footprint. The domed shape gives the base the additional weight needed to support various sized table tops. The... Read More
  • Cast Iron - 3-pronged Series

    As with all JI Bases the “B” Series has cast iron top plates that will not bend or flex. The “B” Series 6″ wide prongs offer a heavier base plate in a smaller footprint. Simply because of the laws of physics, the “B” Series (3-prong) base will not wobble on an uneven surface because of it’s... Read More

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  • Recommended Base by Table Top Size Guide By

    Know which style, what size and what model will fit your table tops in this handy document from JI Bases. You want a solid foundation in your establishment. JI Bases has 60 years of experience building that foundation for all your tops. Read more
  • Why use Cast Iron for your Top Plates By

    If you own a restaurant, then you know how important the entire dining experience is for your customers. From the food, to the lighting, to the dining tables; every element plays an important role. One wrong thing and you could lose a customer. But it's not just a customer you lose; it could... Read more
  • 10 Questions To Help You Choose The Best Table Base For Your Table Tops By

    Regardless of what type of table top you plan to feature in your restaurant or hospitality venue, you need to ensure that you choose a table base supplier that will support a wide range of top sizes and materials. While your choice of table top is certainly important from an aesthetic... Read more

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