Hospitality Design 5_24_2018
Products by OASIQ
  • Coco

    Meet the new kid on the block. A chair with the winning personality of a style icon. COCO’s allure is unmistakable from afar, and irresistible up close. Designed to stand out in a crowd, this chair brings a sophisticated sense of leisure to that outdoor space where having a good time is always... Read More
  • Ceru

    The CERU tables test the limits of less spacious areas. Their adaptability opens up new possibilities for turning a small terrace into an inviting meeting place. Or for creating a romantic rooftop dining area with space to spare. Read More
  • Corail

    CORAIL's array of colors provides the palette to experiment to your heart's content. Simply mix and match to create the combination that reflects your personal style. Liven things up with a mixture of different pastels. Create bold contrasts in black and white. Or tone it down with matching... Read More
Clients of OASIQ
    • Venn, Brooklyn
    • The Laurel Room, Chicago
    • STK Steak House, San Diego
    • ARC Hotel, Washington DC
    • My Starfire Yatch, Ft. Lauderdale
    • Theorem Vineyard, CA
    • Hotel Nia, CA
    • Angad Arts Hotel, Saint Louis
    • Jones Beach State Park, NY
    • 777 6th Street, Washington DC
    • Canopy by Hilton, Portland
    • Hotel Villagio, CA