Products by MATTEO VideoSculptures

    A decade perfecting, MACBETH presents 7 hours of MATTEO Video art displayed within the works 18 video screen portals. As with much of MATTEO's work, it is scalable in size from poster to billboard. Ceiling, wall or floor, indoor or out, this design lends itself beautifully when sunken into... Read More

    A Mondrion inspired pattern sites overtop a smokey mirror. slowly the mirror comes to life features a large variety of captivating video art films by MATTEO. Semi transparent imagery fluidly moves, multiplys and morphs with others. content seamlessly appears and slowly vanishes "within" the... Read More
Clients of MATTEO VideoSculptures
    • Posner Fine Art Los Angeles
    • The Falls Lounge Los Angeles
    • The Jim Henson Co. Los Angeles
    • Club Monaco Toronto
    • The Twilight Zone Toronto
    • Burning Man Arts Festival Nevada
    • Michael Chan Architect Los Angeles
    • DV8 San Francisco
    • Revolver Video Bar Los Angeles
    • Toronto Intl. Film Festival
    • Cedars-Sinai Hospital Los Angeles