9/20/21- Hospitality TLB
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  • Cotton on High

    "Cotton on High" was created in the Mississippi Delta. My family and I lived in Jackson, MS for a couple of years and one of our goals was to see cotton in "real life". Coming from the north, we only ever saw it in photos. It was incredible. It's a fiber coming from a plant! A real fiber! It's... Read More
  • Lone Pelican

    A lone pelican sweeping over the ocean, so singular, solitary. Is it looking for food? Just cruising on by? I never did figure out what this pelican was doing. It hung around the days we were at the beach but I never saw it catch anything. Never saw it meet up with other pelicans or go to a... Read More
  • Dr. A Photography Merchandise

    MERCHANDISE These are all IN-STOCK items. This means there is no delay in shipping for production time, as they are already produced. Once an item is sold-out there are no guarantees we will re-stock. Read More