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Press Release from DUCHATEAU

The luxury European-style flooring and surfaces brand to launchcollections that draw upon the natural environment and its elements

SAN DIEGO, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DUCHATEAU, the leading luxury European-style flooring and surfaces brand, is excited to announce the launch of two new hardwood flooring collections, each inspired by natural elements from around the globe. DUCHATEAU will be releasing Global Winds and Terra as part of their Signature Line.

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The Global Winds Collection expresses the brand's passion for flooring that embodies a raw, natural, and unstained aesthetic and are aptly named after iconic winds from regions around the world. The engineered European Oak floors look as though the elements of sun, wind, and time have altered and aged the wood from within. The six colorways of Global Winds include: Sirocco, a luminous and raw white that looks as though the Mediterranean sun has bleached its color. Levante, named after the Moorish wind of the Strait of Gibraltar, features a paleness reminiscent of ancient stone, with a tempered ash and mortar tone. Mistral is inspired by the wind of the Provençal farms in Southern France and appears to be aged-in-place. Chinook blends warm mid-tone browns with a cool cast, inspired by the downslope wind of the Canadian Rockies. Harmattan, named after the Central Saharan wind, has a warm mid-tone tan nuanced with tones of a light char. Buran,the darkest style in the collection, is evocative of the icy wind found in Eastern Asia, represented by the perfect espresso hue. Each style in the Global Winds Collection features an ultra-matte UV lacquer and measures 7.5"/190mm wide and 75"/1910mm long.

The Terra Collection(Terra meaning "Earth") finds its inspiration in unique natural ecosystems found across the globe. From a high elevation meadow to an aromatic coastal shrubland, these environments capture DUCHATEAU's imagination and influence the looks they've created. Terra includes four colorways: Alpine, Chaparral, Taiga, and Savanna. Alpine,inspired by the high-altitude regions of the Alps, Andes, and the Rockies, is a natural smoked brown. Chaparral, named after the Mediterranean coastal shrubland, is a lighter brown, inspired by new driftwood that has just begun to reflect the salt of the sea. Taiga, named after the coniferous forest landscape of the far north, features a bleached natural look, inspired by the endless light of the Scandinavian summer. Savannais a light raw hue inspired by rolling desert grasslands across Australia, Africa, and India. All Terra styles are offered in matte UV lacquer-finished engineered European Oak. Wide planks are 9.5"/240mm wide and 86-5/8"/2200mm long, and each color is also offered in a coordinating herringbone format for those seeking the look of custom flooring.

"We are excited to expand our Signature offerings with the new Global Winds and Terra Collections this summer. These collections feature all new colorways that reflect DUCHATEAU's brand aesthetic while promoting our appreciation for the natural look of wood, creating floors that appear to be raw and aged-in-place. Both the Global Winds & Terra collections continue to showcase the brand's ability to consistently offer affordable luxury for the discerning homeowner," notes Patrick Bewley, Vice President of Marketing, DUCHATEAU.

Both Global Winds and Terra complement the existing DUCHATEAU offerings while bringing new visual interest with previously unreleased colors and nuanced textures.

For more information on these styles and more, please visit www.duchateau.com


DUCHATEAU is a lifestyle brand specializing in the fine manufacture of luxury architectural finishes, including a broad range of wood and wood-alternative flooring, 3D wood wall panels, and DUCHATEAU-branded kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and more. Founded in 2008, DUCHATEAU is known for its unparalleled marriage of old-world, traditional craftsmanship with natural materials and state-of-the-art technology. Its timeless, curated design statements herald a new era of design innovation—one that bridges nature with fashion and architecture. Today, DUCHATEAU is appreciated by some of the most well-respected brands, including Whole Foods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ian Schrager hotels, and The Ritz Carlton. DUCHATEAU is also proud to support the environment through the elegant simplicity of the DUGOOD initiative, which plants a tree for every hardwood floor sold. Visit duchateau.com for more information.

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