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Deco Glass

Deco Glass

Available from Privacy Glass Solutions - Powered by Vistamatic

Transform the aesthetics of any environment simply and easily with Deco Glass. From company logos to full coverage of fine art designs, our highly skilled consultants collaborate with you closely to create breathtaking quality visuals. Choose a glass style, imagine the design work, and request... Read More



Available from ULTRAPAN Modern Finishes

ULTRA Edge Tape is produced from the same material used in laminates. We stock a large collection of Edge Tape to match all of ULTRA Laminates in ¾” width (other sizes available by special order) ULTRA Edge can be applied using standard, AdvantEdge laser or hot-air technology with a functional... Read More



Available from HMI

Clean lines and architectural design are the hallmarks of our Skyline frameless sliding-glass enclosure. Widely acclaimed as the shower design of choice for hotel applications & a favorite of homeowners seeking a minimalist aesthetic. Skyline’s exceptionally smooth-gliding rollers are an... Read More

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Featured Content

Let Containers take a Starring Role in Your Garden

Available from Campania International LLC

It’s easy for containers, even great ones, to get lost in the crowd at ground level. So, how do you set the stage for a winning container garden? Here are some tips for the experts making your containers a feature in your garden design. Read more

Creating Instagrammable Moments with Mobile Mixology

Available from Forbes Industries

Today’s Social Media is a powerful communication tool that seeks unique and compelling content. Now with Mobile Mixology hoteliers can create Instagrammable moments their guests are sure to share. The word will get out, and others will want to see for themselves. Read more

Recommended Base by Table Top Size Guide

Available from Jacobs International/JI Bases

Know which style, what size and what model will fit your table tops in this handy document from JI Bases. You want a solid foundation in your establishment. JI Bases has 60 years of experience building that foundation for all your tops. Read more

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Top Companies

Jacobs International/JI Bases

Since 1958, the people at JI Bases have been designing, manufacturing and delivering what clients tell us are the most durable, most dependable professional-grade restaurant cast iron table bases on the planet. Cast iron styles come with a lifetime guarantee and are shipped with no required... Read More

Campania International LLC

Campania is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and sourcing of garden containers, fountains and statuary with distribution throughout North America. Read More

Westminster Teak, Inc.

For over 22 years, Westminster Teak has been the embodiment of the finest in teak furniture for its design, materials, and craftsmanship. Our unrelenting commitment to quality and passion for timeless design has been the narrative and hallmark driving the company forward. Today, our furniture is... Read More

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