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How to Choose the Perfect White Paint for Your Home

Press Release from Dunn-Edwards Paints

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Designers and homeowners continue to love the look of white walls for kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces. Dunn-Edwards Paints has more than 100 shades of white in its color palette. But, choosing the right white is important to get the dramatic look you want. To simplify the process, they offer tips in a new video.

"You'll want to consider three key factors when choosing the perfect white," explains Sara McLean, color expert at Dunn-Edwards. "Number one is your home's lighting; second is where you live and third is the architectural style."

She points out that north-facing rooms don't tend to have as much natural light and thus need warmer whites to give the space some life. Warm whites are those with yellow, brown or even red undertones.

Conversely, south-facing rooms get more sunlight, so cooler whites – those with subtle gray or blue tints – can help add balance. "Be sure to paint large samples on the walls and live with them for a couple days. You'll be able to see how the light reflects off each color at different times of the day."

Where you live has a big influence on which whites to choose for your home. Warmer whites work well in northern climates, which have cooler, bluer natural lighting. Whereas southern climates have warmer, natural lighting, so cooler whites can help create a clean, cool look.

Your home's architectural style can help narrow down your choice for whites. Warmer whites are ideal for traditional Spanish-style and desert ranch and Craftsman homes. Tropical designs come alive with tinted and warmer whites that reflect the natural elements in the room, such as wood and bamboo. Mid-century modern homes and Scandinavian designs tend to favor neutral and cooler whites.

For more tips on how to choose the perfect white, watch the video.

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