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Compare Services companies specializing in products and services for owners, operators, managers, purchasing agents, designers, and architects involved in hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, country clubs, night clubs, conference centers, spas and senior living facilities. Review company profiles and choose the best Services companies for your business needs. Subscribe to an RSS feed of Business Chatter and monitor the developments and breakthroughs in Services.

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  • Premier Fixtures

    From large-scale fixture rollouts to POP displays and custom shops, we're commited to the seamless execution of retail fixture programs. And it all starts with you. The only thing more valuable than the final product is the client relationship that gets us there. Whatever it takes. We'll...
  • Finesse Custom Finishing & Cabinetry Corp

    We A.R.E. Finesse! – ARCHITECTURAL. RESTORATION. ENHANCEMENT. Finesse restores wooden furnishings; rescuing the broken down and flawed returning them to an unblemished state. Restoration and refinishing is a cost-effective way to repair and add new finish to damaged or outdated furnishings....
  • mgshlachter llc

    MG Shlachter is an Architectural Design & Support Services firm that specializes in hospitality, retail and residential industries. We create everything from CAD services and material takeoffs to 3D renderings and presentation plans. Using your plans and designs, we'll deliver construction...
  • Hotel Restaurant Furniture Liquidators

  • Fetterhoff Company Inc.

    Fetterhoff Company, Inc. (FCI) is a professional consulting corporation specializing in construction project management, owner's representation and research services. FCI provides these services world-wide to a variety of public and private clients throughout various industry markets. We offer...
  • CargoBaja - Supply Chain Specialists

  • Hotel Supplies Inc

    We provide complete design services, procurement, and project management for hoteliers. Whether it’s a renovation or new construction, our design team will enhance your property by creating a distinctive look that fits your budget and meets brand standards. We provide the best quality services...
  • Beyond Elegance Inc.

  • Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association

  • La Fucina